Farm school

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From 1990 we are offering a different chance to nurseries and childhood or primary schools, in one-day stays, to learn through unique and funny experiences, by combining playing and learning, achieving thus knowledge of the medium and natural sciences that you won’t forget. Do not hesitate to come.


You can also contemplate the animals on the mount, like rabbits, hares and a great variety of birds, this is because we are between two huge lagoons, Fuente Piedra and El Bosque, being thus a pathway for them, when they migrate from one to the other one.

Apart of the meal you will have for breakfast when you arrive, for lunch we prepare daily our traditional macaroni with tomato, the tomato is handmade prepared with a vegetables stir-fry.

As a second dish, sausages (as much as they want), and banana or yogurt as dessert if they are too young. All this will be accompanied with bread and water. We also sell cans of Pepsi for 1€, in the case that any child might buy.

In the afternoon, they will make a big donut, that a monitor will fry and will put sugar and cinnamon, and that they will have like afternoon snack.
If your child is allergic to some food, you must report it previously, to make a menu appropriate to his/her necessities.


ACTIVITIES AND FARM-SCHOOL PROGRAMME, adapted according to the season and the age of the pupils.

You will take part in different activities like:

To walk the route of the brigands across the mountain chain and get to their hideout place with the help of the leaves that we will find in the way.

You will check how the breeding of different animals in their natural habitat is.

You will discover throughout our museum how the agriculture in the rural life has evolved.


Elaboration of sweets by the children

Y un poco de diversión con el futbol de precisión y futbolin Humano


After meet and analyse the indigenous plants of the mountain chain, we will make a natural air freshener.


We will seed wheat.


You will meet and feed various animals in the farm, like pigs, sheep, birds, geese, turkeys, horses…


We will establish a tent, analysing what would we need for survival.

And a bit of fun with the football of precision and the human table football.

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